What have you traded your authenticity for?

Is This You…

  • You already know all about the Law of Attraction and manifestation. You’ve applied the principles but you’ve not gotten the results that you deeply desire. Or you’ve gotten some things, but not other things. You find yourself obsessing over the details, but yet can’t release the actual how. 

  • You feel like the Universe has forgotten you while all your friends are achieving everything you once wished for yourself. 

  • You know there is more to life, but yet you can’t seem to create the life and business of your dreams. There’s always something that is missing or that you need – and that ‘thing’ almost always costs more money or time than you currently have. 

  • You realize that you do have the power to change things – but you just don’t know how to tap into that power 

Has Being An Entrepreneur Lost Its Charm?

  • Being an entrepreneur can be hard and lonely. You can’t really talk about what problems you’re facing because you don’t want to appear less-than your peers or be judged by them. You don’t have anyone to talk to about the nitty-gritty biz stuff. 
  • You seem to have more slow days than good days in your business, and you’ve lost faith in it because it is not consistently providing you with a reliable income 
  • You’re frustrated because you can’t make a decision and actually stick to it. 
  • You feel lost, overwhelmed and burnt-out trying to figure out what the next best step is to take. 

    You know that to be successful in your business you need to show up as your authentic self every day. You know you need to create engaging captions and upload beautiful photos on social media for all the world to see. You have an important message to share with the world and you’re prepared to do whatever it takes to get it out there.

    But there’s a problem

    You’ve been so busy creating and maintaining your business that you’ve lost yourself along the way. Your sales have become stagnant, your posts have become boring, and your photos all seem to feature you with a faux smile. You’ve been so wrapped up in the vortex of online business that you’ve actually become a follower and not a leader.

    So who are you really?

    You know you need to be your authentic self…but you just don’t know who that really is anymore. You’ve traded in your authenticity, and now it’s time to get it back!

    If any of this sounds familiar, I want you to know that you’re not alone. As a highly-sensitive introvert, I struggled with being the face of my business and showing up as my authentic self every day. Now I help other people, just like you, do the same.


    I am Libbii Armstrong


    As a Quantum Alignment Coach, I offer you support and guidance to get into authentic alignment with your mind, body, and soul on multiple different levels – including your aura, your senses, your body, & the quantum level.

    I guide you to discover your true self and your true purpose so you can show up confidently as your authentic self by understanding your Human Design.

    Introducing the Quantum Magic Program

    This exclusive 4-week coaching program will guide you to uncover who you are at a soul level, understand your distinctive energetic blueprint, and reveal your own unique strategy to get into authentic alignment.

    This energetic blueprint is called your Human Design.

    Human Design offers a unique perspective on your personality and purpose by fusing together the principles of the I’Ching, Astrology, Kabbalah, Chakras, and Quantum Physics.

    Each week you’ll learn additional tools and techniques to help you reclaim your authenticity and deservability by experiencing a mindset shift, remembering who you truly are, rediscovering your own magic, and manifesting your desires.

    When you’ve lost your authenticity and you’re running your business in a way that is unaligned with your true energy, you start to feel frustrated and burned out. The marketing strategies that you are using don’t seem to be working as well for you as they are for your biz bestie.

    As you rediscover your authentic self by understanding your Human Design in this program, you’ll also learn how to incorporate your particular Human Design strategy into your business. Running your business from an authentic and aligned state will position you for greater success, impact, and profit.

    Here's How...

    • 4 weeks of support in an exclusive private FB community
    • group coaching calls
    • Your Human Design chart and a Foundational reading
    • An Authentically Aligned Action plan and workbook
    • Personality and Sales assessments




    We all have limiting beliefs, but when you uncover and clear them out, along with removing old stories and stagnant energy – you automatically create a space in which you can manifest new desires, set new boundaries, and write new stories for yourself and your business.  



    We are all capable of creating magic and understanding your unique magic will give you the courage to show up as your authentic self and create the life and business of your dreams.



    After learning to shift your Mindset and creating your own Magic, you’re ready to bring on the Manifestations!

    You’ll learn the 12 Laws of the Universe and how to apply them. We’ll discuss why Permission is the number one reason stopping you from manifesting your dreams.


    Authentic Alignment

    When you’ve mastered your Mindset, Magic, and Manifestation skills, then you are ready to step into your authentic alignment.



    • Your basic Human Design chart
    • Workbook
    • Emotional Freedom Technique Scripts


    • Being truly confident in who you are and not just ‘faking it until you make it’
    • Having a life strategy guaranteed to bring you success and happiness
    • Showing up as your authentic self – no more photos of you with faux smiles on social media
    • Attracting new kismet clients and opportunities to you
    • Knowing yourself on such a deep level that you literally become authentically aligned with your soul’s purpose

    Your Authenticity Is Proof Of Your Deservability

    Are You Ready To Rediscover Your Authenticity and Enrich Your Business?

    This 4-week program is just one investment of $397 or 2 payments of $199.

    This All Sounds Great But…

    When Do We Start?

    21 December 2020

    How Much Time Is This Going To Take?

    I recommend that you set aside at least 1-2 hours each week.

    Is This Witchcraft?

    Well, that depends on what you consider Witchcraft.

    If learning to use your intuition, setting more succinct intentions, rewriting your old wounded stories, and better understanding the laws of the Universe, is witchcraft to you – then yes. 

    However, if you have an open mind and willing to step out of your comfort zone, then you’ll find this program to be very enlightening, fun, and soulful.

    What Is The Refund Policy?

    There’s a 100% refund offered only during the first 7 days of this program.

    Isn't This Just Law of Attraction stuff?

    Oh, honey, this is so much more than just Law of Attraction stuff! 

    This is about finding your inner magic and using it to create a beautiful future for yourself.

    Isn't Quantum Jumping Just Science Fiction?

    Yes, and no.

    Yes, quantum jumping has been featured in a variety of books and movies within the sci-fi genre.

    No, because it has actually been proven possible by some of today’s leading thought leaders and scientists. 

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