By shifting your mindset, getting in touch with your inner magic, and understanding the laws of the Universe, you can create your own quantum Leap.

Libbii Armstrong

I’m Libbii Armstrong 

As a Quantum Alignment Coach and Soul Biz Witch, I offer you support and guidance to get into better alignment with your mind, body, and soul on multiple different levels – including the quantum level, your aura, your senses, and your body.

Are You Ready To Make A Quantum Shift?

You don’t live your life or run your business with a cookie-cutter approach, right? So why should the coaching you receive be any different?

You know deep inside that it is time to let your message be heard far and wide.

It doesn’t matter if your message is in the form of a book or song waiting to be written, a canvas ready to be painted, a business on the eclipse of blooming, or simply a new creative and magical YOU just waiting on a sign from the Universe.

Consider me as that sign!

You were not put on Earth to just pay bills, run a business to the ground, and tire yourself out completely. You are here for a very distinct purpose: to improve and expand the Universe!

Allow me to help you discover your magickal purpose through 1 on 1 private quantum coaching.

I will help you remember your innate creativity, rediscover your passion, and guide you to revolutionize your life and business by taking quantum leaps forward and stepping into your higher self.

When you discover who you truly are at a soul level, and you learn what drives you to make certain choices, or why you seem to be predisposed to certain ailments in both your life and your business, your future opens up for you and you are able to be in quantum alignment with your future self.

Being in alignment means that you know how to consciously choose from your highest vibration. You become more resilient, more motivated, and more magical, to live an abundantly enchanted life.

Quantum Alignment Coaching is for people who are ready to experience an evolution of their mind and soul by strengthening their spiritual gifts and mastering psycho-energy tools.

Quantum Strategy

During our 1:1 quantum coaching sessions, you will be given your personal Human Design chart which we’ll use to dive deep to uncover not only your fears but also your passions. Together, we’ll create a strategic path that will take you from living a mundane existence to living the life of your dreams. You will learn how to shift into a new reality as you easily fold timelines.

We’ll dig up any old stories you have and rewrite them with you as the hero/heroine. We’ll uncover your money blocks so you can finally earn what you are worth. We’ll reality-test your ideas and map out your dreams.

We’ll spend time on what it truly means to be a Soulful Entrepreneur. We’ll discuss marketing, selling, and creating content that is in alignment with your magickal being and purpose. We’ll make sure that you have all the tools and systems in place to successfully launch (or re-launch) your divine business.

Through your private coaching sessions with me as your guide, you will be able to finally merge your creative muse with your soulful CEO, so that you can live a life where you create your own magic every day.

This is probably the point where you're thinking:

“But I’ve already taken a course about my money blocks and busting through my limiting beliefs, and I already know all about entrepreneurship, so why would this benefit me?”

Well, if you’ve already completed other courses around money blocks, limiting beliefs, or how to be a successful entrepreneur, but you still have some money blocks or limiting beliefs, or if you’re finding that you’re not having any success as an entrepreneur, then it’s because you’re not living in alignment with your soul.


You are a multi-faceted conscious being and have a very distinctive energetic blueprint for receiving and transmitting energy. This blueprint is called your Human Design.

Human Design offers a unique perspective on your personality by fusing together the principles of the I’Ching, Astrology, Kabbalah, Chakras, and Quantum Physics. Your Human Design Chart is calculated using your exact time, date, and place of birth, to reveal your unique design.

Simply put, you are exclusively designed to act and think in a certain way – which is called your Strategy. When you learn to use your Strategy effectively, you become more aligned with your soul’s purpose.

Without knowing what your Strategy is, all those other courses and coaching you’ve done before won’t truly help you because you’re not in alignment.

“OK, but I can study all those things separately and I can get my Human Design chart for free online somewhere else. What’s so special about this coaching program?”

I use a special form of Human Design called the Quantum Alignment System. These two systems, along with my background in entrepreneurship, business training, and magick, means that you will have an unparalleled coaching experience that will guide you to discovering who you are at a soul level and how to live and succeed according to your soul’s purpose.

The Nine Resiliency Keys

The Quantum Alignment System is focused on healing the nine Resiliency Keys. Nine of our twelve weeks together will be focused on one of these Keys:

1. Lovability
2. Empowerment
3. Courage
4. Decisiveness
5. Emotional Wisdom
6. Self Trust (Knowing how you “know”)
7. Vitality
8. Authenticity
9. Self-Worth

These 9 keys, or areas of well-being, need to be experienced at their most optimal level. The more you are aligned with them, the more you are aligned with your authentic self, and the more success you can achieve.

Most of what holds us back is fear, trauma, and a lack of self-confidence.

It really isn’t possible to release pain, stress, or trauma by just changing your thoughts or by just doing certain exercises. True quantum healing and alignment takes place using a multi-dimensional approach.

During a Quantum Alignment Coaching session, I will guide you through various steps and actions to take that will help you make a quantum leap into a happier, healthier, and more successful you.

Using psycho-energy tools like Human Design, ChoicePoint questions, Dream Seed sequences, EFT, Reiki, and coaching, you will be able to master the lessons of your soul’s purpose and fully activate your energy so that you can step into your Authentic Self, thereby living the life of your dreams.

Until you have completely aligned the mind, body, and soul, your healing will only be temporary in nature.

The Quantum Alignment Coaching package consists of high-impact, high-touch, 45-minute sessions held once per week for twelve weeks.

The total investment is just three monthly payments of $333 or pay in full for only $997

The Quantum Alignment Coaching Package Includes:

Quantum Jump Start Session

On this call, we’ll get to know each other better and discuss how you envision your future life. We’ll talk about your creative life and business goals and set your intentions for our time together.

Twelve 45-Minute Coaching Sessions

You’ll receive suggestions, direction, and gentle accountability to help you become more aligned during twelve 45-minute coaching sessions.

You’ll also acquire tools and practices to scale your business as you become more proficient at making decisions based on your intuition vs decisions based on fear.

You will receive recordings of every coaching session so you can play back what we discussed at any time.

Email Support

Feel free to email me at any time throughout the 12 weeks. I will be available to answer any questions or concerns you may have during regular business hours.

After each session, you will also receive a personalized follow-up email containing detailed notes and action steps to keep you inspired and motivated.


  • Psycho-energy tools to add to your spiritual entrepreneur toolbox.
  • Basic Human Design Report
  • Crystals, oils, and flower essence recommendations
  • Quantum healing
  • EFT scripts
  • Worksheets

How Will Your Life Change With Quantum Alignment Coaching?


Things you WON'T have to do if you choose Quantum Alignment Coaching:


Feeling constantly overwhelmed, stressed, burned out, & stuck as life passes you by


Waste time & money attempting to figure out what your soul’s purpose is


Go it alone or receive cookie-cutter coaching


Live a mundane existence when you know you’re meant for more


Consider giving up on your dreams because you just can’t seem to “connect all the dots” in your life & business


Pass up opportunities for personal and business growth


Things you GET to do if you choose Quantum Alignment Coaching:


Trust your soul and your intuition as you consciously choose from your highest vibration to always make the right decisions


Make quantum shifts and take quantum leaps as you become more aligned with your soul’s purpose


Create your soulful business based on your unique energetic design


Fuse practical magic with spiritual magic by using psycho-energy tools into your life and your business


Bask in your own glory!

Once re-alignment has taken place you will be living from your higher self and drawing energy from the quantum field.

Quantum healing is healing the body-mind from a quantum level. That means from a level which is not manifest at a sensory level. Our bodies ultimately are fields of information, intelligence, and energy. Quantum healing involves a shift in the fields of energy information, so as to bring about a correction in an idea that has gone wrong. So quantum healing involves healing one mode of consciousness, mind, to bring about changes in another mode of consciousness, body.

Deepak Chopra

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